Dorkis Crystals

Monthly supply of Crystals are handed out to all guilds in Dorkland. Crystals are the main currency of the land and are what control the Dorkis ecosystem.

A little backstory

The world of Dorkland has been shattered by the arrival of an enigmatic, eldritch being known only as 'Sikrod'. Dorkis from across the land have begun to take up arms and train as adventurers to fight off the monsters and corruption bought to Dorkland by Sikrod. Adventurer Guilds have sprung up and act as central locations for these Dorkis to congregate at, accepting bounty, jobs and quests from the Guild Masters to aid the people of Dorkland against Sikrods Influence.

Sikrod's arrival shattered more than the physical world however, and parallel versions of Dorkland have begun to seep into each other as Plane Rifts swallow up whole towns, regions and Dorkis! One Week, you may find yourself questing with a completely different group of Dorkis, another you may find yourself in a region where a previously completed quest was failed and have to deal with the consequences.

Either way, all Dorkis have the same shared goal. Grow in strength, aid the Denizens of Dorkland and find out how to defeat Sikrod. They'll have to travel the length and breadth of Dorkland to do it, but once they finish their Journey, they will become Hero's of Legend.

What are Crystals

$CRYSTAL is an ERC-20 token airdropped monthly to all Dorkis & Evil Dorkis holders who join a guild.
Guilds control various regions in Dorkland, there are six guilds within the realm, however only three have been fully discovered so far.
Being part of a guild allows you to influence the game even if you don't actively take part in it. Equally, it will allow you to receive rewards.
Joining costs nothing, you will just need to make a choice.

  • You can only join a guild if you hold any Dorkis or Evil Dorkis
  • You can only be eligible to airdrops if you are both an holder and part of a guild.
  • Guilds need a minimum of 10 members to be eligible for the Crystal airdrops.
  • Airdrop is based on the amount holders (main variable), Dorkis (multiplier) and Evil Dorkis (small multiplier) within a guild.
  • Depending on your contribution to the Guild you will also receive a personal multiplier.
  • Once you choose a guild you won't be able to change it until Crystals are live. After that, you will need to pay a fee in order to switch team.
  • Every time you use Crystals, for any purpose aside from shopping with them, they will be burned, this will automatically manage the supply.
  • Crystals will be released Q1 2022!!


As explained above, the only way to earn $Crystal is to be part of a guild.
In Q1 2022 Dorkis holders will be able to claim $Crystal daily, directly from their Guild pages.
Distribution is calculated based on various factors:

  • Total Dorkis within a guild: +0.02 Per Dorkis
  • Total Evil Dorkis within a guild: +0.01 Per Evil Dorkis
  • Total Holders within a guild: +0.5 Per holder
  • Individual Dorkis contribution to Guild: +1 Per Dorkis
  • Individual Evil Dorkis contribution to Guild: +0.5 Per Evil Dorkis

Join your Guild


The Warriors and Glory seekers - Based in the Kingdom of Greater Dork, this Guild Specialises in Dragon Hunting, Dungeon Raiding and Protection. Its members are Confident, Brash Leaders and Adventurers.

Total Members: 112
Total Dorkis: calculating...0
Total Evils: calculating...0


The Arcanists and Magic seekers - Based in the Shroud, this Guild Specializes in Magic Item Retrieval, Magic Nullification and Equipment Enchantment. Its members are Bold, Charismatic and Power Hungry Predators.

Total Members: 91
Total Dorkis: calculating...0
Total Evils: calculating...0


The Scoundrels and Tech Seekers - Based in the Desert of Dessert, this Guild Specializes in Engineering, Exploring and Salvage. Its members are Curious, Social and Enigmatic Problem Solvers.

Total Members: 75
Total Dorkis: calculating...0
Total Evils: calculating...0

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You won't be able to change guild until Crystals are live. Are you sure this is where you want to pledge your allegiance?